Flexible Bonding And Sealing

Silicone Sealants
Description Product Name Image Enquiry
General Purpose High performance Acetoxy cure Silicone Wacker GP , JOINSIL – 1018 / 600 [popup_trigger id=”3927″]ENQUIRY[/popup_trigger]
Neutral Cure Silicone Sealant Wacker -GM /GN , JOINSIL NP /880 [popup_trigger id=”3927″]ENQUIRY[/popup_trigger]
Weatherproofing Silicone Sealant JOINSIL 800 [popup_trigger id=”3927″]ENQUIRY[/popup_trigger]
Structural Silicone Sealant JOINSIL 990 [popup_trigger id=”3927″]ENQUIRY[/popup_trigger]
High Performance Paintable Acrylic Sealant JOINSIL 330 [popup_trigger id=”3927″]ENQUIRY[/popup_trigger]
Aquarium Silicone Sealant – Non toxic Sealants JOINSIL 688 [popup_trigger id=”3927″]ENQUIRY[/popup_trigger]
Non Staining (Stone)Silicone Sealant JOINSIL 180 [popup_trigger id=”3927″]ENQUIRY[/popup_trigger]
2-Component Structural Silicone Sealant for curtain Wall and Insulating Glass JOINSIL 998 [popup_trigger id=”3927″]ENQUIRY[/popup_trigger]
Polysulphide Sealant for Insulating Glass (DGU) JOINSIL 222 [popup_trigger id=”3927″]ENQUIRY[/popup_trigger]
Butyl Sealant
Description Product Name Image ENQUIRY
Polyisobutyl Sealant designed as Primary Sealant for IGU( Insulating Glass) JOINSEAL 121 [popup_trigger id=”3927″]ENQUIRY[/popup_trigger]
Non setting Sealants
Description Product Name Image ENQUIRY
Polyester urethane based sealant, which is non-setting, and nonhardening even at high temperatures Hylomer Universal Blue, Hyloner Aerograde PL 32 [popup_trigger id=”3927″]ENQUIRY[/popup_trigger]
Lead Free High Temperature and Pressure Resistant Jointing Paste / Steam Sealant Stag B [popup_trigger id=”3927″]ENQUIRY[/popup_trigger]
Special purpose “Sealant” which is also a lubricant cum anti-seize at temperatures ranging form -212°C to 1650°C LED PLATE 250/ LP-250 [popup_trigger id=”3927″]ENQUIRY[/popup_trigger]
Expanded PU Sealant
Description Product Name Image ENQUIRY
Single Component Polyurethane Foam US Pro [popup_trigger id=”3927″]ENQUIRY[/popup_trigger]
Single Component Polyurethane Sealant:Automotive & Industrial PU Sealant
Description Product Name Image ENQUIRY
Non-sag, one-component, flexible and high performance polyurethane adhesive that cures on exposure to atmospheric moisture U-SEAL 501 /203 / 207 plus [popup_trigger id=”3927″]ENQUIRY[/popup_trigger]
Single Component Polyurethane Sealant:Construction PU Sealant
Description Product Name Image ENQUIRY
Elastic Low Modulas moisture curingpolyurethane sealant for joints which are exposed to high Dynamic Stress U-Seal 907 [popup_trigger id=”3927″]ENQUIRY[/popup_trigger]
Bitumen Based Sealant
Description Product Name Image ENQUIRY
Aluminium Foil coated with a Generous layer of Bitumen Based Sealant M-Seal Leakpatch [popup_trigger id=”3927″]ENQUIRY[/popup_trigger]

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