Antiseize Compound
Description Product Name Image Enquiry
Concentated MoS2 Antiseize Pastes AS 10 / 60 / 80 – [popup_trigger id=”3927″]ENQUIRY[/popup_trigger]
Copper Based High Temp. Antiseize Pastes KOPAL / KOPAL 500 / 1000 – [popup_trigger id=”3927″]ENQUIRY[/popup_trigger]
Thread Dops
Description Product Name Image ENQUIRY
Nickle Based High Temperature Antiseize Pastes NTC – [popup_trigger id=”3927″]ENQUIRY[/popup_trigger]
White Assembly Antiseize Paste WAP 100 – [popup_trigger id=”3927″]ENQUIRY[/popup_trigger]
For Tool Joints & Drill Collars & Rotary Shouldered Connections TCZ-40 / 50 / 60 [popup_trigger id=”3927″]ENQUIRY[/popup_trigger]
Silicone Compounds
Description Product Name Image ENQUIRY
Mould Release Agent HVG 7 [popup_trigger id=”3927″]ENQUIRY[/popup_trigger]
Di-Electric Compound HVG 14 [popup_trigger id=”3927″]ENQUIRY[/popup_trigger]
High Vaccum Compound HVG 21 [popup_trigger id=”3927″]ENQUIRY[/popup_trigger]
Valve Packing Greases HVG 28 / 6 [popup_trigger id=”3927″]ENQUIRY[/popup_trigger]
Conveyor Chain Oils
Description Product Name Image ENQUIRY
High performance oils Ensures long life of chains due to good oxidation and thermal stability Chainlube 150 / 460 [popup_trigger id=”3927″]ENQUIRY[/popup_trigger]
Adhesive Chain Lubricant that does not get thrown off wide specs Viscotack [popup_trigger id=”3927″]ENQUIRY[/popup_trigger]
Synthetic Chain oil that not drip and soil the parts even at high operating temperatures of (+)225°C Stenol 50 [popup_trigger id=”3927″]ENQUIRY[/popup_trigger]
Description Product Name Image ENQUIRY
With Liquid Moly As Friction Modifier Ultra Gear Glide Series-150/220/320/460/680 [popup_trigger id=”3927″]ENQUIRY[/popup_trigger]
USDA/NSF Certified, Food Grade Oils Beslux Gear Atox 150/220/320/460 [popup_trigger id=”3927″]ENQUIRY[/popup_trigger]
Polyglycol Synthetic Gear Oils PG Series-150/220/320/460/680/1000 [popup_trigger id=”3927″]ENQUIRY[/popup_trigger]
PAO Base Synthetic Bearing & Gear Lubricants Ultra Gear Syn Series-150/320/460/680 [popup_trigger id=”3927″]ENQUIRY[/popup_trigger]
Metal Working Fluids
Description Product Name Image ENQUIRY
Additive-treated coolant containing mineral or synthetic oil Suitable for the machining, grinding and cutting operation Avantin And Smoothkut Range of MetalWorking Fluids [popup_trigger id=”3927″]ENQUIRY[/popup_trigger]
Corrosion Protection coatings:Rust Preventive
Description Product Name Image ENQUIRY
Bright Galvanized Coating Spray ALKOTE ,CYCLO ALUMINIUM SPRAY [popup_trigger id=”3927″]ENQUIRY[/popup_trigger]
All Purpose Lubricants cum Corrosion Protector ECOLUBE,CYCLO METALPARTS PROTECTOR (A) C 3342 [popup_trigger id=”3927″]ENQUIRY[/popup_trigger]
Heavy Duty Corrosion Protector / Dry Wax Corrosion Protector NEVERUST 20 ,NEVERUST 30 [popup_trigger id=”3927″]ENQUIRY[/popup_trigger]
Peelable Protective Coating PEELKOTE [popup_trigger id=”3927″]ENQUIRY[/popup_trigger]
Zinc Based Cold Galvanised Spray ZINCKOTE ,CYCLO COLD GALVANIZE [popup_trigger id=”3927″]ENQUIRY[/popup_trigger]

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