Metal Fencings

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More secure Fencing than Chain Link. Wire Diameter range form 2.8 to 4 mm. V bend on width of panel to give more lateral strength. Availabe in Anticlimbing 358 mesh option Fence Barrier made out of welded galvanized steel wire followed by Powder coating [popup_trigger id=”3927″]ENQUIRY[/popup_trigger]
Barbed wire manu with Line wire 2.5 mm dia and Barbed wire 2 mm dia with 4 point Iowa style barbe at pitch of 100 mm .Available in heavy Galvanasing @ 275 GSM/PVC Coated/variable pitch options. Confirming IS standards Barbed wire [popup_trigger id=”3927″]ENQUIRY[/popup_trigger]
Most widely used Fencing for Residential,industrial enclousers ,high security installations. Galvanised wire up to 40 – 366 GSM Zinc and PVC coated wire options avaialbe Chain link [popup_trigger id=”3927″]ENQUIRY[/popup_trigger]
Specially made as stronger and economical substitute of chain link fence for agricultural farms.Honey comb size 120mm * 100 mm, made from 2.5mm 275 GSM wire Honeycomb Fence [popup_trigger id=”3927″]ENQUIRY[/popup_trigger]
Five different Profiles- short Blade,medium blade,tear blade,long blade and Fish hook.Various MoC option from Galvanized Steel,Hot Dip Gal, to SS 316 available Razor Wire [popup_trigger id=”3927″]ENQUIRY[/popup_trigger]
Gabions are rectangular wire mesh baskets /Mattresses to form retaining structures,weir structures,canel or river walling,Bridge Abutments ,culverts and gabion fencing Gabions [popup_trigger id=”3927″]ENQUIRY[/popup_trigger]
Electrical Fencings
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Security electical fence is trusted choices for home,prisons,airports,power stations,defence facilities and high securities areas. The energiser discharges a very short duration Electrical Fencings [popup_trigger id=”3927″]ENQUIRY[/popup_trigger]

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