Metal Fencings

Description Product Name Image ENQUIRY
More secure Fencing than Chain Link. Wire Diameter range form 2.8 to 4 mm. V bend on width of panel to give more lateral strength. Availabe in Anticlimbing 358 mesh option Fence Barrier made out of welded galvanized steel wire followed by Powder coating ENQUIRY
Barbed wire manu with Line wire 2.5 mm dia and Barbed wire 2 mm dia with 4 point Iowa style barbe at pitch of 100 mm .Available in heavy Galvanasing @ 275 GSM/PVC Coated/variable pitch options. Confirming IS standards Barbed wire ENQUIRY
Most widely used Fencing for Residential,industrial enclousers ,high security installations. Galvanised wire up to 40 – 366 GSM Zinc and PVC coated wire options avaialbe Chain link ENQUIRY
Specially made as stronger and economical substitute of chain link fence for agricultural farms.Honey comb size 120mm * 100 mm, made from 2.5mm 275 GSM wire Honeycomb Fence ENQUIRY
Five different Profiles- short Blade,medium blade,tear blade,long blade and Fish hook.Various MoC option from Galvanized Steel,Hot Dip Gal, to SS 316 available Razor Wire ENQUIRY
Gabions are rectangular wire mesh baskets /Mattresses to form retaining structures,weir structures,canel or river walling,Bridge Abutments ,culverts and gabion fencing Gabions ENQUIRY
Electrical Fencings
Description Product Name Image ENQUIRY
Security electical fence is trusted choices for home,prisons,airports,power stations,defence facilities and high securities areas. The energiser discharges a very short duration Electrical Fencings ENQUIRY

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