Speciality Greases

EP Grease for Normal to Heavy Loads
DescriptionProduct NameImageENQUIRY
Normal to Heavy Duty Moly GreasesBRB 30 / 60 / 100 –ENQUIRY
High Performance EP Grease Fortified with PTFETFG 100 –ENQUIRY
High Temperature Greases
DescriptionProduct NameImageENQUIRY
Organic Complex High Temp. & Water Resistant GreaseSG 100-S ,SG 200 SENQUIRY
High Temp. Grease for Extremely Slow Moving BearingSGHT 600 –ENQUIRY
Water Resistant and EP Greases
DescriptionProduct NameImageENQUIRY
High Performance Water Resistant GreasesSG 100 / 180 / 500 / 1000ENQUIRY
A Sheer Stable EP Fortified Water Resistant GreasesSG 1000 M 50 –ENQUIRY
Coolant and Dust Resistant GreaseUltratack Mill Grease – 460 –ENQUIRY
High Speed Bearing Greases
DescriptionProduct NameImageENQUIRY
Synthetic High Speed & Low Temperature GreaseHSG 9035 Premium –ENQUIRY
Long Life Synthetic High Speed GreaseBACOMP 9090 –ENQUIRY
Chuck Grease
DescriptionProduct NameImageENQUIRY
High Performance Chuck GreaseBACOMP 1035 –ENQUIRY
Fluid Greases for Centralised Lubrication
DescriptionProduct NameImageENQUIRY
Products formulated in varying consistencies to suit conditions of pump ability in different centralized lubrication systemsMPG 1 / 0 / 00 / 000 ,MPG-EPLF 2 / 1 / 0 / 00 / 000ENQUIRY
OGL - Open gear Lubricants
DescriptionProduct NameImageENQUIRY
Service lubricant for large open gear drives operating under heavy loads and high circumferential speeds to be applied by automatic spray systemsBerulit GA 443 / 400 /800 /2500ENQUIRY
Chain and Wire Rope Grease
DescriptionProduct NameImageENQUIRY
High Performance Wire Rope, Chain & Cable GreaseCRG 100 Grade 1ENQUIRY
Silicone - Greases
DescriptionProduct NameImageENQUIRY
Multipurpose Silicone GreaseLSG –ENQUIRY
Silicone Greases in Light Consistancy For Long Life ApplicationsLSG 33 / 44 /55 –ENQUIRY
Food Grade Grease
DescriptionProduct NameImageENQUIRY
Food Grade GreaseFGG –ENQUIRY
USDA / NSF Certified, High Performance Food Grade GreaseBeslux Caplex M-2 Atox –ENQUIRY
Teflon Grease
DescriptionProduct NameImageENQUIRY
High Temperature Teflon® Grease, Lithium Soap basedHTG -100ENQUIRY

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