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Areas where Industrial Safety Gates are Needed

Industrial Safety Gate

You need to provide total protection for the sake of the person who is working at heights. Industrial self-closing safety gates are a measure of fall protection or barrier protection that protect an area of movement. Here are two areas where an industrial safety gate will help to protect people from fall / injury.

Industrial Safety Gates

Ladder Openings

Workers in industries like manufacturing, chemical processing, and construction need safe work environments, but job sites often require them to traverse ladders and raised platforms. Whether on a rooftop or an elevated working platform, a ladder requires a gap in the guardrail that is protecting an edge. Leaving a ladder opening unprotected is leaving the job of fall protection half done. Industrial safety gates are made to attach to the railing or ladder structure so that the gap in the railing is closed with a spring loaded self-closing gate.

Pedestrian Walking Areas

There are a variety of hazards that employees face when working on a loading dock or in plants where there are motorised vehicles and pedestrians working together. Safe walking areas are often demarcated by the railing. To provide the safest possible environment, the pedestrian needs to know when they are entering and exiting a safe walking area. Industrial self-closing safety gates help to provide an additional level of awareness when exiting and entering a safe walking area.

Industrial self-closing safety gatesEnduGate self-closing safety gate does not require any human interaction to open or close, but it stays closed when someone is not using it. It also fills in any railing gaps you may have and keeps your job site up to OSHA standards.

You also do not have to worry about the barrier staying open when it isn’t supposed to be. It functions as a guardrail when it’s not in use. This minimizes errors and the potential for accidents, fall or injury.
EnduGate come preassembled in multiple sizes and finishes, and you can affix them to round or square posts of varying thickness.

Reach out to our sales team to understand range of self-closing gates and mounting hinges. We’ll be happy to help you find the right solution for your needs.