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Case studies

Mezzanine Fall Protection


Area: Large warehouse of no 2 online shopping platform provider facility in Kolkata. How to maintain the safety of manpower while working on different floors of storage areas of the logistic warehouse. Protecting workers fall at open mezzanine edges. The system should also offer Safe movement of pallets, skids, containers, and other loads on and off mezzanines.


  • The system should be OSHA compliant Concerning Mezzanine Fall Protection
  • Looking for a solution when edge gate is open, inside floor level gate closes to create a three-sided enclosure around the load zone and prevents workers from approaching the mezzanine edge
  • The floor opening was not of the same height and size. In some areas, handrails are already installed
  • As pallet sizes and height are not fixed and its movement is taken care of by forklift operators for whom visibility on height was an issue.
  • Cost economic movable maintenance-free barrier was required which allow pallets movement from the Ground floor to the different storage area and also provide a barrier on each floor to provide fall protection to floor employees
  • They were looking for a system that can be installed and modified if circumstances are change
  • If damage by pallet or forklift miss operation can be repairable /replaceable within No time if spares available
Ladder Safety Gate
Pallet safety gate


  • Lightweight all-aluminum Endu Gate – Pallet gate which can accommodate pallet size of 1200 X 1200 X 1600 mm height
  • Mezzanine pallet gate pivoted structure with proper 3 side enclosure on edge open side to avoid entry of working employee on floor loading platform side – toward platform edge
  • Toe guard on both rail sides of the gate prevent fall hazard of small parts from the height of the floor


  • Simply pivot the structure of the gate to provide an edge side opening to the loading platform. Place the load on the platform with help of a forklift.
  • Once forklift forks are out of structure employee on the floor lower the structure on the opposite side. The opposite side is now open for a forklift to pick up a load and the platform edge side is barricaded with OSHA compliant guardrail to offer fall protection
  • Reduces accidental falls when loading and unloading to mezzanines, elevated levels, and raised platforms.
  • Protects workers below the platform by preventing objects from falling off edges – the gate on the open edge is always closed when accessed from the platform.
  • Sturdy lightweight modular Aluminum construction for durability and long service life.
  • No maintenance and if damaged can be repaired /replaced parts in no time
  • Being total modular structure site variation was accommodated by simply modifying structure on site