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Desalination uses reverse osmosis technology to separate water molecules from seawater. Water from the ocean is forced through thousands of tightly wrapped, semipermeable membranes under extremely high pressure. The membranes allow the smaller water molecules to pass through, leaving salt and other impurities behind and produce clean and produce clean drinkable water.

Generally used SWRO (Sea water Reverse Osmosis) and BWRO (Brackish water Reverse Osmosis) processes for this production process. SWRO membrane has higher rejection for NaCl but low flux for water compared to the BWRO membrane.

Brine End Side View


Customer had three area of concern

a) Ultra-Filtration area – Approach height of valve operation – 5.1 mtr and need to move it over height of 2.25 mtr wide and 3 mtr high filtration unit.

In BWRO and SWRO The reverse osmosis membrane on average needs to be replaced every 3-5 years based on manufacturer and qty are based on plant capacity. The replacement is carried out in small sections out of total membrane bank for uninterrupted process water availability. The replacement process requires erection of huge scaffold for the area of membrane bank need replacement. It is time consuming process along with safety concern. Apart from that MS scaffold are prone to corrosion due to saline water nature and continuous exposure to costal environment.

Desalination plat owner were looking for system which can be modular and require minimum time for erection and dismantling. System should be safe as per international standard of work at height for operation and of non-corrosive and less maintenance pro material and design.

b) BWRO – Platform with height with 2.2 mtr with 3 work area – Total height of structure 6.6 mtr and length of 9.8 mtr. The structure should be such that worker should move freely along the length and all fall protection measures need to be provided like self-closing safety gates, Toe Guard and handrails and Guardrails, both side exit option across length. Structure with sufficient payload capacity of 850 kg per section for safe operation.

c) SWRO – 4 (L) X 2 (w) X 3 (H) mtr work platform without any member on top platform for ease of movement with payload capacity of 1200 Kg.


Chemey team of engineers had spent no of hrs. on all three site and studied the operation and customer requirements. Proposed requirement with sketch and discussed details with inhouse design team to offer customized Aluminum Modular scaffold for BWRO area and Aluminum Mobile work Platform for SWRO area.

We brainstormed each corner of the need and prepared 3D model to check all operation requirements are fulfilled by the model. Many time it was submitted to users for their concerns and refined as per uses need.

We were able to convenience the maintenance & project team of organization for more one-time capital cost expense against production loss and safety concern during each operation.

We worked on all three areas and offered modular solution as per users need. Manufactured the Aluminum mobile scaffold and mobile work platform

Innovative Approach to Overcome the Limitation:

MOC: For entire modular structures corrosion resistant Aluminum alloy AA6005 pipe structure with snap lock of marine grade Aluminum castings. All modular Platform of aluminum. SS 304 springs and required accessories including structure mounting bases.

Developed Pipe Extrusion as per loading need of structure. Offered Toe guard on each work platform. Provide special designed Aluminum H frames so that way to move along the length of the 8 mtr long work platform.


• All solution offered are modular and without any tools requirement during erection and dismantling.

• Due to light weight of the modules, handling and erection time of the entire scaffolding structure reduced from two day to 3-4 hours.

All three areas concerns were taken care by our modular work platform. Our solution worked out very efficient in terms of time and ease of operation. Our Aluminum scaffold for BWRO), Mobile work platform for SWRO) and Specialized Aluminum mobile scaffold tower at UF area had offered ultimate solution along with all safety requirement of work at height and fall protection needs.


UF Area:











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