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Expandable Barrier

Expandable Barrier

Expandable Barrier

Expandable Barrier


Expanding Barriers: Flexicade - E

Portable Expandable Barricade prevents personnel from inadvertently being exposed to a hazard

Expandable barricade FlexiCade-E can be quickly and easily deployed to highlight and demarcate no-access areas or temporary work sites that may present hazards to pedestrians or to other workers where lightness and ease of deployment are key requirements.

These can be for both external and internal use where a higher security, lockable solution is required. For partitioning and closing off specific areas

• Access ways, exits, and entrances.
• Factory roller doors.
• Corridors.
• Out of bounds areas.
• Hazardous areas.

Expandable Barrier


  • Portable Aluminum lightweight structure is extremely easy to transport and move
    around where needed & deploy.
  • RetractableThey take up very small space when closed.
  • Quick and easy deployment
Key feature Expandable Barrier


  •  Rustproof, Strong Aluminium construction
  •  Take up very little space when collapsed.
  • Multiple barriers can be joined together.
  • Short and tall options
  • Bespoke models available
  • Wheels for easy movement
  • Lockable
  • Yellow & Black colors make it impossible not to notice.
Model Expandable Barrier


They are also often referred to as scissor barriers.

Varying heights:

  • Height: 1000mm
  • Trellis: 20mm x 10 mm RHS
  • Extended width: 2.5 ( Heavy Duty) & 3 meters
  • Collapsed width: 300 mm
  • Foot depth: 400mm

A taller safety barrier with wheels, fixed at one end and lockable at the other. They are mainly for internal use and require a higher security, lockable solution.

  • Up to 1800mm tall
  • Trellis: 20mm x 10 mm RHS
  • Extended width: 3 meters
  • Collapsed width: 300mm.
  • Foot depth: 900mm


They can be used mainly to create separation between different areas, mark out-of-access areas, control crowds or pedestrian ways, restrict access to hazardous areas, and mark slippery floors, holes, trenches, corridors, doorways, etc. The overall objective of concertina safety barriers is to improve safety in a given area by blocking, marking, controlling, and restricting access in that area.

They can be deployed easily in a wide range of contexts, such as Factories, warehouses, Logistics parks, Construction and installation sites, Schools, hospitals, retail, offices, showrooms, Stadiums, and public buildings.


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FlexiCade E – Expandable Portable Barricade
FlexiCade E – Expandable Portable Barricade