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Gangway Ladder

Gangway Ladder

Gangway Ladder

Aluminum Shore Gangway
Aluminum non-slip walking surface

key features

  • Aluminum non-slip walking surface.
  • Cross ridges for foot support.
  •  Clear width 0.60 meter between the rigging.
  • Removable aluminum stanchions, complete with rope-railing or fixed solid protection lines.
  • 2 nylon wheels for the quay-side and 2 railing hooks and/or 2 lashing eyes for the ship-side.
  • Maximum angle of usage: 30 degrees.  

Compliance Standards

IS 10558 – Aluminum Shore Gangway


  • Bulwark ladders
  • Bulwark ladders are used in conjunction with a gangway to access the deck level from the top of the bulwark
Bulwark ladders


All our access systems are made of marine-grade lightweight aluminum. This has several important advantages:

Lightweight material (about 1/3 of comparable steel structures)

Requires lower crane capacity.Maintenance-free (self-healing oxide layer)

No additional surface protection (coating / galvanizing) required

Yes. Options that can be accommodate are deviating width and length dimensions, fixed aluminum handrails, steps instead of the flat walking surfaces, hoisting slings, safety nets, ramps, etc can be offered as custom built.