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Hard Barrier

Hard Barrier

Hard Barrier

Hard Barrier


FlexiCade is a unique portable Aluminum barricade railing system that is easy and fast to install and dismantle. It is Lightweight yet rigid and has no sharp edges or corners.

Standard Size: One set form 10.5 meters Hard yet portable Barrier in no time.

In Multiple of - 3.6 meters * 3 rail with 4 Base plates and a hex key as per our standard complete set.

Flexicade Hard Barricade


  • Lightweight The main railing system is made of welded Aluminum Extrusion 
  • PortableAluminum lightweight structure is extremely easy to transport and move around where needed & deploy.
  • Quick and easy deployment
Flexicade Hard Barricade


  •  Unique interlocking Bases with E-Z grab raised handles for positioning, slots, and 4 receptacles for different railing configurations.
  • Feasible to temporarily lock securely into the base with set screws and a hex key or Metal Locking Clip.
  • The bases are of PP powder coated for maintenance-free service life.
  • Safety Features: As per site demand, Banners/Flexes/Weld mesh can be fixed for proper Signage or restriction.

    Reflective straps for night identification and self-limiting straps for identification during power cuts at night in extreme conditions.

    The bases can be fixed on the floor or ground with a kickplate for rigidity and won’t slide around.


Technical services offered by the Chemey Group:
  • Design assistance is always free.We can help you design your railing. With a few measurements, sketches, and phone conversations, we can help you assemble the necessary list of parts for building an OSHA-compliant railing.
  • Site SurveyIf you would like our assistance with the specification of your railing project, our sales engineers are available to visit your installation site.
  • Turn-Key InstallationWe believe our railing is simple enough for any contractor to install. However, if you are looking to outsource your railing job, we offer complete installation packages.
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  • National Building Code of India 2016
  • IS 4912 – Safety Requirements Floor and Wall Openings, and Toe Boards
  • OSHA 29 CFR 1910.29 – Guarding Floor and Wall Openings and Holes
  • EN ISO 14122-3 Permanent means of access to machinery (Part 3: Stairs, stepladders, and guard-rails)
Flexicade Hard Barricade

Cart-a-Rail Hauler for FlexiCade

  • It is a carrier trolly option used to store and transport FlexiCade system barriers and associated bases. The cart comes with lifting points to enable it to be craned onto a roof, Solid Rubber tires for easy rolling, a pull handle to maneuver the cart, and a towing connection to attach it to a fork truck. The cart is primed and painted safety yellow.


No. FlexiCade Barriers are hard yet portable barriers and are not designed to withstand impact energy

Cart-a-Rail can carry 4 sets of FlexiCade i.e. @ 45 meters of barrier system.

2 people can easily install a 10-meter barrier within 10 minutes if the system is available on-site.

FlexiCade can withstand an impact of 550N outwards or down on the top rail as measured in-house. Additional controls may be required to secure free-standing barricades.


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FlexiCade – Hard Modular Barricade
FlexiCade – Hard Modular Barricade