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Modular Aluminium Handrails – New Perspective For Long Lasting Safety

Handrails are mostly a neglected topic while executing projects but are very important during operation of any plant as they directly affect safety at workplace. The most common MOC accepted is MS + Painting. In typical Industrial / Coastal environments, MS tends to rust both from the Inside & Outside, thus compromising safety after 2 to 3 years of installation. (See Picture below). Repainting /maintenance of Railing within Operational plant ends up in high costs and invites unwanted conditions like Hot-work permission.


Performance Standards of Handrails: Well OSHA 1910.23, EN 14122-3 ( BS 4592 -3 ) along with ASTM E935 & E985 address most of Design Criteria for Handrails like Configuration, define UDL and Point load Handrail should withstand and how to test designed Handrails.

EnduRail railing systems and fittings designed with below-listed features address most of your Handrails concerns:

  1. Truly Modular System: No hot work required for erection and
  2. Can accommodate a last-minute change in configure
  3. Corrosion Free: Made from Marine Aluminium Magnesium Silicon alloy and are practically corrosion-free in Marine and most Harsh Industrial
  4. Compliances: EnduRail railing system complies with OSHA/EN/BS
  5. Lowest Life Cycle
  6. Designed to Accommodate Standard Pipe Size: Fittings available to accommodate 25NB or 33mm OD, 32NB or42 mm OD,40NB or 48mm OD
  7. High Aesthetic Appeal: Finish Options– Anodized or Polyester Powder coated.