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Preventing Falls From Height – Spring Loaded Safety Gates

If a ladder is being used to access the machinery or monitoring platforms, then a safety solution needs to be in place. Customers are in search of solutions, where and how this form of protection should be taken care of in a work environment.

Breaks in railing systems areas have tended to be protected by chains or bars, but the problem with this method is that they are completely reliant on the person remembering to replace the chain or bar once they’ve passed through. If the safety component is not replaced the area will be left exposed, which could mean someone falling from a platform or gaining unauthorized access to a restricted area

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Spring-loaded safety gates, or industrial safety gates as they are sometimes referred to, are an ideal solution to protecting open voids such as on a platform, mezzanine floor, and machinery stairways or for providing safe access and egress to demarcated areas within factories, warehouses, and loading bays.

Chemey range of self-closing safety gate overcome the risk of human error that’s associated with chains and sliding tubes as they automatically close behind the user, overcoming the risk of human error to eliminate such risk of injury.

Safety must always be a priority. In addition to being a simple and extremely effective way of ensuring safety that isn’t reliant on the user, spring-loaded safety gates help you to follow HSE guidelines and comply with current legislation such as BS EN 14122 Parts 3 and 4. BS EN 14122 states that gates on handrails must close automatically when released and that if an access point is required along a guard rail, there must be a self-closing gate.