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Intrusion Detection System Solutions

Combination Fence

Intrusion Detection System Solutions

Intrusion Detection System Solution


IDS Solutions (Intrusion and Detection System) are non-lethal fencing options to enhance security levels. These solutions can provide Real Time breach in perimeter by Audio-visual alarms – both local and remote on attempt for intrusion. These systems can be installed standalone also and along with Weldmesh or Woven Fence options as top mount or as piggyback fencing

Benefit Intrusion Detection System Solution


  • Structured approach for large perimeter surveillance
  • Audio-Visuals with real intrusion
  • Large perimeter surveillance with fewer men on the field
  • Controlling Software maintains event logs
  • The system can be integrated with industry-leading video management software to connect PTZ cameras so that they cue to the zone where the intrusion is detected.
Electric Fence

Energized Fence System:

Energized fence or Electric Fence are active perimeter system providing nonlethal but powerful shock to intruder on climbing or cutting attempt. System can generate on site local or remote zone wise audio-visual alarms. Ideally suitable to protect large, unmanned areas, Industrial and Residential infrastructure, Solar Parks, Farm Houses, Airports, Sea Ports , etc..having high probability of intrusion and theft.

Electric Fence

Vibration Sensors System (Laminal K / Laminal F)

Vibration sensors systems detects perimeter fence cutting, climbing, drilling, hammering attempts by measuring vibrations and generate alarms. Ideal to protect High Security area and critical infrastructures.


The fence system adheres to IEC 6000335:2:76 standard which ensures that shock from the fence is safe but strong enough to create a psychological barrier for the intruder.

For birds it is completely safe.Monkey and other animal will have shock but it is non-lethal.Yes,once passed through shock monkey remain away from fence.

Yes. This is an ideal options to protect infrastructure like factories,airports,farm houses, etc..

There are several types of fences available, but the most common types are agricultural electric fences, piggybacking fences, free-standing, wall top, and fence top electric fences.

These fences are known as Delay Rated Fence. Please write to us for more information.


Intrusion Detection System Solution
Can Electric Fences Be Used in Homes?

Electric fences are one of the most popular intrusion detection tools used across the world, especially in industrial areas and large farms.

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Intrusion Detection System Solution
Security Electric Fences: World’s Most Efficient Intrusion Detection System

Every property – be it residential or commercial – needs to be protected from intruders and trespassers. 

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Electric Fence Brochure
Electric Fence Brochure