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Woven Wire Fence

Honeycomb fencing for Sports Area

Woven Wire Fence

Honeycomb fencing for Sports Area


Woven wire fences are time tested demarcation solution that sits well with a wide array of applications – from farms to high-security sites. When it comes to choosing the ideal Chain Link Fence solution for your property - Fabric Type, Wire Diameters, Mesh Sizes, and surface coatings play a major role. Thankfully, with Team Chemey A-1 by your side, you can choose from an incredibly wide range of options based on your site requirements.

Honeycomb fencing for Sports Area

Honeycomb Fence

It is a hexagonal-shaped demarcation fence with triple twist mesh which is stronger than most woven fences, easy to install & has a long life. Widely used for Demarcation purposes for large areas like Animal Farms, National Parks, Mines Areas, etc.

Ideal for sports are like Basketball and football ground. This is a cost economic option having good strength due to 3 nos of twist at every cross-section. Available in multiple coating options depending upon the environmental & site condition to help combat corrosion from degrading its life. Coating Options: Zinc EcoZal(Zn 90% + Al 10%) PVC, Glued PVC, Fusion Bonded PA6.

Chainlink Fencing

Chain Link system:

  • Chain Link Fence is a time-tested fencing solution that sits well with a wide array of applications – from farms to high-security sites. Depending on your specific use, we at A-1 Fence can supply premium quality Chain Links as well as complete Chain Link Systems as per ASTM and BS standards.
  • Two of the most remarkable aspects of Chain Link Fence are their durability and their versatility. Team Chemey can assist you in choosing an ideal Chain Link System with the correct surface coating, physical properties, and installation system.
  • Ideal for sports parks, tennis courts, solar parks, mine areas, large internal area demarcations, Institutes etc


Chain Link - 25 x 25 mm , 50 x 50 mm, 75 x 75 mm

HoneyComb - 60 x80 mm, 80 x 100 mm, 100 x 120 mm

Chain Link Fabric - std manufacturing height 4 m. (Height can be customized

HC -std manufacturing height 2 m. (Height can be customized) max serviceable order height is 5-6 ft

PVC coated CLS/HC fences are fences which provide additional defense against corrosion and also give an aesthetic look. To give additional protect against corrosion, the GI wires used to weave fence are additional coated with PVC. It can have multiple colours. PVC coating imparts the fence a very long life along with good looks.


Benefits Woven Wire Fence
Benefits of Chain Link Fences that You Ought to Know

Chain link fences are one of the most widely used fencing solutions for both, commercial and residential.

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Woven fence Brochure
Woven fence Brochure