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Separating People from Hazards is key to Safety

BS EN 14122-3  Safety Machinery – Permanent means of access to machinery’ 

outlines the general requirements for safe access to machines where a fixed means of access and barricade is needed.


Continuous rotating and heavy machinery working environments possess potential hazards that workers face in industrial surroundings on a daily basis. Managers should consider these hazards and install necessary barricades and safety swing gates to eliminate serious injuries and fatalities. 

Avoiding accidents around machinery 

The most effective way to ensure that workers and vehicles can move safely around the workplace is to provide a safe demarcated route for the workers to walk along, with protective barriers and guardrails.  These systems can provide a safe route within an area where vehicles are working or prevent access to a specific area.  By combining spring loaded self-closing gates with the barrier or guardrail, workers are made aware that they are leaving a safe area when they pass through the gate.  

Preventing falls from height 

If a ladder is being used to access the machinery, then a safety solution needs to be in place, and we would recommend using a self-closing safety gate.  These gates overcome the risk of human error that’s associated with chains and sliding tubes as they automatically close behind the user.