Evaluating Safety Equipment Suppliers

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The safety equipment industry is constantly evolving to meet the emerging trends and challenges in workplace safety. Here are some points that need to be considered when you are evaluating safety equipment suppliers for revolutionizing workplace safety Is the supplier remain updated with emerging trends and challenges in the safety equipment industry? Is the supplier […]

Hazard Overview – Industrial Roof

Fall hazards are one of the leading causes of workplace injuries and fatalities in the World. As per OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration, USA), falls from elevated surfaces such as roofs, skylights, and unprotected edges of buildings are considered significant hazards. Here’s an overview of OSHA’s guidelines for fall protection measures related to access […]

The Importance of Safety Gates in Enhancing Workplace Safety

Safety gates are a crucial component of any workplace safety plan, as they can help prevent accidents, injuries, and fatalities. In this blog post, we will discuss the importance of safety gates, the different types of gates available, and how they can enhance workplace safety. Importance of Safety Gates Industrial swing gates are an effective […]

Basics of Fall Protection Rules

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With falls being one of the most common causes of workplace injuries and deaths, workers who work at heights must understand the basics of fall protection. Being proactive by implementing compliant methods of fall protection and fall prevention can save lives and prevent injuries. Consequently, it is important to be aware of basic fall protection […]

What does OSHA say on the topic of safety gates

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What does OSHA say on the topic of safety gates? Are they required? Industrial facilities can be dangerous places for employees to work. Fortunately, safety managers can greatly reduce these risks by taking the proper safety measures. By installing safety gates and guardrails, employers can minimize OSHA violations, minimize employee injury, and attract top-caliber employees […]

Are Fall Protection and Fall Prevention Similar?

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Fall prevention and Fall protection considerations are important in manufacturing industry and construction sites because falls, slips and trips are among the most common causes of work injuries and fatalities. We often use these phrases involving key words “protect” or “prevent” interchangeably. According to a dictionary, protect means “to defend or guard; to keep safe […]

Creating a Safe Walkway

In a physical battle between man vs. machine, the machine is going to win…especially when that machine is a rolling piece of equipment weighing thousands of Kgs. Hoping pedestrians and operators are smart enough to avoid a tragic incident is not an acceptable – or highly effective – safety precaution.    What can be done […]