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What Is Perimeter Fencing? Benefits Of Having Perimeter Wall Fencing Systems


criminals and unwanted visitors entering your property, damaging it, or running off with your valuable stuff is the last thing you would wish. And that’s where you start to think of wrapping it up in cotton wool. Are you thinking of keeping a watchdog to watch over that huge property? Or are you planning to spend a fortune to construct a solid old-school sandstone wall? That sounds goofy and inefficient. Isn’t it?

Then what’s the best way to guard your property? Well, focus on the fringes of your possession and get it fenced. If this isn’t secure, then all other attempts you are making are no more than barking at the moon. There are a lot of benefits perimeter fencing can provide you and your property. So, you should make up your mind now to embrace this modern solution if you haven’t. But, before that, let’s walk you through the meaning and purpose of perimeter fencing systems, followed by their perks.

Dig in, pronto!

What do you Mean by Perimeter Fencing?

Perimeter fencing is done to barb and enclose a given area and preclude vandalism and unauthorized access. Perimeter fences indicate a boundary that separates your property from the rest and is usually employed for visual appeal, privacy, and security. Rigging a perimeter fence on your property is an ideal way of preventing theft, property damage, and other such instances.

When it comes to defending your property, perimeter fencing acts as the first point of defense. So, to cater to different needs and preferences, there are many styles and designs available on the market. 

The most common type of perimeter fencing is available as a series of vertical metal bars such as mesh fencing, school fencing, prison fencing, etc. These fences are preferred for high-security properties and are sometimes connected at the top and the lower part using a horizontal bar, which fortifies them. 

Properties that require even more extreme perimeter security solutions should go for security electric fencesThis perimeter fencing is efficient at stopping intruders from entering your property by giving them a shock. Certain perimeter fences are great for security reasons and may be used around utility stations and swimming pools. 

Why Go for Perimeter Fences?

As stated earlier, a perimeter fence hedges your property against intruders and also prevents other crimes. Furthermore, perfect perimeter fencing can even enhance the overall market value of your property. In addition to watching over your property, perimeter fencing also safeguards members and pets of your household within its ambits. And so, you are at peace, knowing everyone’s safe. 

Privacy is another reason that can urge you to consider installing a perimeter fence around your property. Increased privacy allows you to do your normal activities without fretting about the prying eyes of criminals or nosy neighbors. And this is one of the reasons why installing a perimeter fence on the property increases its market value. 

Within this theme, studies argue that perimeter fences around residential units and neighborhoods are a crime prevention strategy that reduces the incidence of crime and enhances residents` feeling of security (Badiora & Abegunde, 2015; E. Nwakaeze et al., 2022; Olajide & Lizam, 2016; Zurinah & Jalaluddin, 2018).

Benefits of Perimeter Fencing

There are countless benefits for which one would want to have a perimeter fence rigged around their business or property. A top-notch quality fence offers many advantages that you, your property, and your family enjoy. So, are you putting up this barricade to protect your property from the outside noxious drama and live a peaceful life? 

Let’s have a look at its benefits:

  • A perfect deterrent: high-security fence will appear menacing to anybody who might be even toying with the idea of barging into your property. Visual deterrents are immensely effective as solid preventive measures to safeguard buildings from break-ins. However, see to it that your fencing is unbreakable, strong, and new, as well as high enough that it wouldn’t be easy for a criminal or invader to climb it. 
  • Low maintenance: Unlike alarms and security control systems that require regular servicing and maintenance, perimeter fencing demands very little in the name of maintenance. Furthermore, fencing can be sturdy and highly durable and won’t betray you for years. Neither you need to get it serviced nor updated. Just ensure that the perimeter fencing is installed by a professional, so you can rely on it for security
  • Various options to suit your business: Every business, institution, and property is built differently and has different security requirements. Depending upon the type of your property or business, you can choose from a wide variety of perimeter fencing options. You may go for palisade fencing that’s durable and strong or mesh fencing that can go around the fringes of your property. 
  • Access control: The installation of perimeter fencing promises and provides you with greater control over who can be allowed access to your property. You may consider the installation of gates to keep out the trespassers and enable easy access for those who need it. Palisade gateways are sometimes fitted into palisade fencing, which allows better access control. 

So, in a nutshell, 

Nowadays, you never know when a thief, unnecessary visitor, or vandal may pop up. You would surely not want graffiti sprayed on your walls or kids smashing your windows, destroying your beautiful garden furniture, or salespeople knocking on your door every other day, right? That’s why you must consider the idea of installing strong perimeter fencing on your property. Not only does it guard your property against such acts but it also adds an aesthetic appeal to it. Furthermore, the value of your property also gets increased considerably just by having fencing on its fringes.

And finally, nothing can beat that peace of mind you get when you feel your family is safe!

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Why is perimeter fencing important?

Perimeter fencing is important for deterring uninvited invaders, criminals, and animals from the property. Thus, it helps in guarding your region, maintaining safety, and inhibiting access of would-be intruders into your building. 

What are the advantages of perimeter fences?

Perimeter fencing helps protect agricultural fields, add an aesthetic element to property, increase the overall property value in the market, and guard your privacy and property against damages. 

What is the purpose of the perimeter wall?

The perimeter wall is an architectural and real estate term used to describe the exterior walls surrounding a structure or a building. These walls generally segregate the exterior elements from the interior environment. 

What Are the Benefits of Adding Perimeter Security?
  • Deterring Intruders. Perimeter security fencing can act as a deterrent to would-be thieves and vandals.
  • Improved Privacy.
  • Increased Safety.
  • Lower Insurance Costs.
  • Cost-Effective Security.