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Why do you need to protect skylights on a roof?

Skylights are a great way to introduce natural light to your facility, reduce operating costs, and increase employee morale. However, they pose a significant safety hazard. Skylights can inadvertently pose a risk of falling. Generally, these elements made of polycarbonate or fiberglass are considered non-vulnerable. However, this rule only applies during the construction phase of the building. Once the building is handed over, skylights and roof windows are still considered vulnerable. Why is that?
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Industrial safety

Material strength loss
Fall protection not only depends on the strength and durability of the skylight material itself but also on all aspects of the installation. Even if there is no loss of strength in the polycarbonate, the installation may have been compromised.

Degradation process
Polycarbonate and fiberglass sheets are extremely strong and durable but can experience premature failure with serious consequences. Plasticizers, contact with steel, or even sealants & tape can accelerate the degradation process and weaken the polycarbonate. Prolonged exposure to weather conditions, particularly UV radiation, also weakens the structure and accelerates the degradation process.

Industrial safety consultants and auditors will recommend long-term fall protection for skylights because there is not enough control over factors that influence the degradation process of polycarbonate and fiberglass skylight material, and its strength can be compromised.

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OSHA defines a rooftop skylight as a hole in the roof surface and a hazard to anyone working or walking on the rooftop. Having the right fall protection to guard skylights is critical to ensure that any work area or walking surface is safe. Thankfully, there are a couple options to provide the best skylight fall protection.

Advantages Of Skylight Screens

Variety: Skylight screens are available in galvanized or powder-coated weldmesh with many grid sizes. This can withstand harsh weather conditions, such as rain, snow, ice, and other building materials. They also offer longer protection against falls and pass the test of time.

Safety: skylight screens are OSHA compliant and provide safety when necessary. These screens are easy to install and don’t penetrate the roof, thus maintaining their integrity. Moreover, skylights prevent falls and lacerations and risks for anyone below them.

Passive protection: skylight screens offer passive protection. This means your facility workers don’t need any training or certifications.

Skylight screens are durable, can last for years, and withstand harsh weather conditions. Moreover, they are easy to remove and install if maintenance is required.

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