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Advantages Modular Handrailing has to offer over Steel Handrails?

While steel handrail has often been used for decades; it is only because at the time it was the best option available. With the advancement in technology however, steel is not the best option anymore and can pose some serious safety hazards as well as financial burden. The case against steel is quite solid and when it comes to having the safest workplace and the most economical structural solutions, steel just does not make the cut due to high maintenance and early replacement due to corrosion. There are numerous reasons why steel handrail is a fading trend and being replaced with aluminum Modular Safety Handrailing solution. Many plants and other industrial workplaces are making the switch to more durable and modular handrailing of aluminum – EnduRail from Chemey.

Why EnduRail®?

Aluminum is proved to have Lowest Life Cycle cost when Total Cost of Ownership is considered, since over its entire lifespan, an aluminum structure may prove to be the best option in terms of installation, maintenance, operation, and disposition costs. The case for ALUMINIUM becomes even stronger when the project is in a Highly Corrosive Environment like STP/ETP/Coastal area. (* A Report by Deloitte Inc., with Aluminum Association of Canada)

Corroded Hand rails & GratingIt provides a safe, the most cost effective, reliable, durable, and versatile barrier system to your Railing requirement when you need to protect people, equipment, or your on-site inventory.

  • Advantages of EnduRail Modular Handrailing
  • Easy Installation & Design
  • Long Lasting -No recurring maintenance cost
  • Modular Design – can be removed and reinstall.
  • Anti-Spark – Safe in area pertaining to Spark hazard.
  • No Welding or Special skill or permissions on site

Compliance: OSHA 1910.29 / EN 14122-3

EnduRail -all aluminum modular handrail offers a strategic integrated Guard and Safety Railing solutions to meet your safety requirements with absolute confidence for industrial structures, loading docks, walkways, Effluent Treatment Plants, and railings in aggressive coastal environments.

To start any handrail project just plan for pipe, fittings, and simple tools. Mark chalk line and base flange positions. Drill anchor hole and start installation by cutting pipes of required size. There is no welding, threading or special permits required when you use Endurail modular handrailing in your projects saving you both time and money.
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