EnduRail - Guard Rail and Hand Rail Solution

EnduRail offers a strategic integrated modular Railing and Guard rail solution to meet your safety requirements with absolute confidence for industrial structures, loading docks, walkways, to safety railings in aggressive environments, coastal environments, work platforms and the protection of road bridges and culverts.

EnduRail Structural Fittings Features

  • Aesthetic Look and speed rail Design
  • Lightweight, Corrosion resistant
  • Low Long-Term Maintenance
  • Cost Effective Alternative to Welding
  • Pipe Fittings use with any pipe including aluminum, galvanized steel, stainless steel and black iron.


EnduRail aluminum handrail fittings are made from high-grade Aluminum Alloy to provide you strong alternative for fabrication of pipe structures similar form Kee safety klamp or Slip-on fittings. Combination of EnduRail Aluminum structural fitting forms a versatile, economical, and durable method of building tubular structures. EnduRail railings are only one-third the weight of iron railings, with about 75% of comparable tensile strength.

Because EnduRail Aluminum Pipe Railing Fittings can be easily installed with a hex key and pipe cutters there is no need to weld, thread or drill saving you both time and money. EnduRail is securely locked into place using large recessed setscrews that provide a smooth look to your rail or tubular structure system.

EnduRail Slip on rail fittings provide unlimited options of tubular structure requirement in Guardrails, Safety Barriers, Machinery Guards, Store fixtures, Awnings, Solar Panel Installation and Roof Edge Protection.
When EnduRail Structural Fittings are used with correct specification of pipe and correct method of design is employed, it will meet the requirements of OSHA 29 CFR 1910.23 load standards.

Structural Fittings for Tubular Structures.

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