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Industrial Safety Railing

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Industrial Safety Railing

Industrial Safety Railing


EnduRail® offers a strategic integrated modular Railing and Industrial Guardrail solution to meet your safety requirements with absolute confidence for industrial structures, loading docks, walkways, safety railings in aggressive environments, coastal environments, work platforms, and the protection of roof edges by Solar Rooftop Railing.

Available Sizes:
  • AL 33 Series – Light duty Application – Suitable for 1” Pipe (25 NB Pipe)- 33.7 mm OD Pipe
  • AL 42 Series – Medium duty Application – Suitable for 1.25” Pipe (32 NB Pipe)- 42.4 mm OD Pipe
  • AL 48 Series – Heavy duty Application – Suitable for 1.5” Pipe (40 NB Pipe)- 48.3 mm OD Pipe
Modular Tank with Circular Rail


  • Enhanced Durability Structural fittings & pipes are made of marine-grade aluminum, so every connection remains solid and lasts for decades without any corrosion. Additionally, because the railing solution is not welded, the surface coating remains intact, keeping the railing rust-free for many years longer than MS / SS welded rail.
  • Easy to Install & RepairThere are no special tools or labor needed to install Endurail® railings. All components are secured with just a hex knurl point set screw. Because of its modular design, the railing can easily be modified by simply cutting it to size. It’s also easy to repair a damaged section by simply removing and replacing it.
  • Modular Aesthetic AppealEnduRail Aluminum Pipe Railing system can be easily installed with a hex key and pipe cutters there is no need to weld, thread, or drill, saving you both time and money. It is modular so that it can be easily configured and installed precisely to your needs. Railings come in a variety of aluminum finishes. The guardrail accommodates toe boards, in-fill panels, or safety gates while exceeding world-class safety standards.
Industrial Safety Railing


  • Quick and Easy to Install
    The slip-on components come together easily and are firmly locked in place with knurl point hex set screws. It means you don’t require any specialized labor or tools. There is no need to weld, thread, or drill, saving you both time and money to build a Modular Guard Rail Solution.
  • Corrosion ResistantEnduRail system is built to withstand corrosion, which is essential for safety applications, especially in aggressive environments.
  • CompliantThe Endurail system exceeds NBC 2016, EN, and OSHA regulations and compliance, so you can be assured your safety railing ticks all the relevant codes.
  • Custom designWith its highly versatile and flexible modular design, the railing can be configured to the exact specifications of your site. Any unexpected site change can be accommodated immediately.
  • Industrial StrengthGreat for outdoor and industrial use – the strength of our handrail solutions is comparable to welded rail and is designed to exceed NBC 2016, OSHA & EN load standards. EnduRail Modular Railing Solution is a safe and affordable metal railing solution.
  • CompatibilityEnduRail aluminum handrail fittings are compatible with various types of pipes, including aluminum, galvanized steel, stainless steel, and black iron.

Structural Fittings – Slip-on Fittings

The engineering principle behind the EnduRail® Aluminium Structural Slip-On Fittings is the foundation of the available modular & versatile tube-to-structure concept.

EnduRail pipe and Slip On Pipe fittings are structural pipe fittings made from high-grade Aluminum Alloy to provide you with a lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and strong alternative for fabrication of pipe structures. Many variations of tubular fittings suit a wide range of applications, providing the versatility to achieve any structural configuration.

Industrial Safety Railing


Technical services offered by the Chemey Group:
  • Design assistance is always free.We can help you design your railing. With a few measurements, sketches, and phone conversations, we can help you assemble the necessary list of parts for building an OSHA-compliant railing.
  • Site SurveyIf you would like our assistance with the specification of your railing project, our sales engineers are available to visit your installation site.
  • Turn-Key InstallationWe believe our railing is simple enough for any contractor to install. However, if you are looking to outsource your railing job, we offer complete installation packages.


  • National Building Code of India 2016
  • IS 4912 – Safety Requirements Floor and Wall Openings, and Toe Boards
  • OSHA 29 CFR 1910.29 – Guarding Floor and Wall Openings and Holes
  • EN ISO 14122-3 Permanent means of access to machinery (Part 3: Stairs, stepladders, and guard-rails)


Most types of EnduRail fittings are available for nominal tube sizes 33.7mm OD( 1”/ 25 NB) , 42.16 mm OD ( 1.25 “ / 32 NB ) and 48.26 mm OD (1.5"/40 NB).

The most common applications for EnduRail fittings is hand rail and guard rail, the contours designed into EnduRail fittings give a smoother appearance and better look than typical non-welded systems. Various other tubular-structures such as retail store fixtures, soft contained play systems, awning, fencing, machinery framework, can be economically produced with EnduRail Fittings.

EnduRail fittings are available anodized or powder coated to any RAL color requirements on a special-order basis.

The majority of the EnduRail Handrail System TUV approved for NBC 2016 , OSHA and EN handrail load standards.

EnduRail fittings are designed for use with Schedule 40 or 80 aluminum pipe. View our "Tech Spec" section or Download a Catalog, for a pipe size details.

EnduRail fittings are Aluminum Silicon Magnesium Alloy (LM 25 TF / 356-T6) a highly corrosion resistant alloy. If conditions require the fittings can be anodized for additional corrosion resistance. EnduRail grub screws are SS 304 / 316 to resist corrosion.

Yes, EnduRail System can take care slope form 4 to 10 degree gradient of ground surface, and it will take care from 10 to 45 degree of stair angle.

All series of EnduRail fittings required standard kex key of 5 mm (for M 10 size of Allen Head) The ability to use a hex key makes building a EnduRail structure easy and fast.

Yes, the size and style of grub screw does matter. The grub screw with a knurl point used in EnduRail fittings cut into the tube and provides the highest rated slip load in the industry.


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EnduRail  Installation Instructions
EnduRail Installation Instructions
EnduRail Detail Litrature 23
EnduRail Detail Litrature 23