FRP handrail

Case studies


Customer Need:

 Area:  Large cement plant 

Desalination plant Desal plant sea water treatment tanks handrail & perimeter security.

The maintenance and civil department we refacing an issue of replacement & maintenance of MS handrail installed at the time of new plant due to severe corrosion.


Problems: March 2016

  • Treating the new MS handrail with the best quality paint was also not effective. After few months of treatment,corrosion marks were reappeared on the pipes
  • Due to corrosion, many oxide layers were generated on and inside the pipe. During paint treatment removal of outside corrosion was taken care of but not found so effective on onsite work.
  • Inside corrosion was not able to control.
  • Many weld areas and inside pipe corrosion were so risky that working employees did not even dare to take support of that railings.
  • Schedule 40 MS pipes were not giving life more than 2-3 years even after good paint application.
  • Management was looking for long term solution to avoid fall hazards considering dip tank reservoirs and treatment tanks
  • In each internal audit, this area safety was marked as compromised, and NC was issued to the process and maintenance team
  • They were looking for handrail options of SS 304 or 316 handrail. SS 304 was found generating red spots in 2 months and joint corrosion was too high
  • SS 316 cast was too high hence that was not the viable solution as capital cos

The solution offered: July 2016

  • Compared life cycle cost of Handrail between SS 304, SS 316 and Aluminum and analyzed aluminum is the best option
  • After understanding the issues of Maintenance in GI and MS system, the customer opted for zero maintenance total aluminum Modular handrail – EnduRail system after duly weighing the long-term commercial benefits.

Handrail Condition In August 2021

Advantages realize

The pre finished handrail was total modular and no welding / hot work was required on site 

Plant internal labor contractor has installed railing – No skilled manpower requirement.

All aluminum modular guard rail is installed on-site in no time – Speedy installation being one of the strengths of Endu Rail Aluminum structural Fittings or Slip-On fittings, they complete 500 RMT of handrails was installed within 15 working days.

The installed modular aluminum guardrail system has proved its maintenance less handrail requirement – In the last five years they spent ZERO maintenance cost

Now the customer is keeping few slip-on fittings and pipes in stock, so that can install handrail by themself without depending on any external contractor and have an immediate fall protection solution