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Structural Fittings – Slip-on Fittings

Structural Fittings Slip on Fittings

Structural Fittings – Slip-on Fittings

Structural Fittings Slip on Fittings


EnduRail® Aluminum Structural Fittings are made from high-grade Aluminum Alloy to provide a lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and strong alternative for fabricating pipe structures. EnduRail fittings offer flexibility for a variety of applications, from ontemporary to industrial. They are only one-third the weight of cast iron fittings, with about 75% of comparable tensile strength.

Because EnduRail Aluminum Slip-on Fittings can be easily installed with a hex key and pipe cutters, there is no need to weld, thread, or drill, saving you time and money. EnduRail is securely locked into place using knurl point setscrews that provide a smooth look to your rail system.

  • AL 33 Series – Suitable for 1” Pipe (25 NB) – 33.4 mm OD Pipe
  • AL 42 Series – Suitable for 1.24” Pipe (32 NB )- 42.4 mm OD Pipe
  •  Al 48 Series – Suitable for 1.5” Pipe (40 NB )- 48.3 mm OD Pipe
Structural Fittings Slip on Fittings


  • Easy Installation Endurail pipe fittings can be fixed with inbuilt set screws that are tightened onto tube with a simple hex key. It means you don’t require any specialized labour or tools.
  • Corrosion Resistant Endurail slip-on pipe fittings are marine-grade aluminum alloys that can last for over 50 years.
  • Wide Variety Endurail Structural Aluminum Fittings offers the most comprehensive range of Tube Clamp Fittings on the market. Our product development team continues to launch new fittings regularly.
  • Ready Stock Mill finish fittings are stocked in large quantities in a manufacturing unit in India where availability is immediate for further processing of surface finish, if any.
Structural Fittings Slip on Fittings

Designed and Manufactured to Industry Standards

  • Aluminum Casting alloy: LM 25 TF as per BS 1490
  • Cast in accordance with ASTM B 108, ASTM B 26
  • Surface Finish – Anodized as per IS 7088 and Powder coating as per IS 13871 or equivalent international standards


The most common applications for EnduRail fittings is hand rail and guard rail, the contours designed into EnduRail fittings give a smoother appearance and better look than typical non-welded systems. Various other tubular-structures such as retail store fixtures, soft contained play systems, awning, fencing, machinery framework, can be economically produced with EnduRail Fittings.

EnduRail fittings are available anodized or powder coated to any RAL color requirements on a special-order basis.

EnduRail fittings are Aluminum Silicon Magnesium Alloy (LM 25 TF / 356-T6), a highly corrosion-resistant alloy. If conditions require, the fittings can be anodized for additional corrosion resistance. EnduRail grub screws are SS 304 / 316 to resist corrosion


What is Slip-on Pipe Fittings?

A contractor needs to consider several things while designing a new construction site. One of them is modular handrailsor Guard rails.

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EnduRail Detail Litrature 23
EnduRail Detail Litrature 23