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What is Slip-on Pipe Fittings?


What is Slip-on Pipe Fittings?

A contractor needs to consider several things while designing a new construction site. One of them is modular handrailsor Guard rails, and it is one of the essential factors to make your site safe by preventing fall protection from height. So, If you are looking to get a brief understanding of the structural pipe fittings, you are in the right place.
What is Slip-on Pipe Fittings?

Structural pipe fitting, also known as a slip-on pipe fitting, tube clamp, or pipe clamp is used to build structures such as handrails, guardrails, modular barricades, solar panel support, and other types of pipe or tubular structure. Endurail fittings are the best option for DIY enthusiasts for more creative applications such as bench, coffee table, modular GYM, clothing racks, shelves, and building architectural use. Because of the modular design of standard fittings, assembly is easy without welding or threading and only simple hand tools are required.
Moving further, there are endless possibilities to build tubular structures as there are more than 50 types of fittings combined in many ways to create any custom structure. Fittings used are aluminum alloy castings, and come in many styles such as elbows, tees, crosses, flanges, and adjustable fittings. The fittings are not threaded; they simply lock onto the pipe with the supplied hex set screws.

The primary advantage of Endurail fittings is their simplicity to use. The fittings slip on the pipe and are usually locked down with a set screw. Through the use of only Allen key when the knurl point set screw is tightened down it locks the fittings into the pipe and a connection equivalent to a weld is created. Don’t let its simplicity fool you into thinking the connection is weak. Endurail fittings are rated for more than 400 kg of pull-out force. This strength qualifies for use in most industrial applications.

Other advantages of using structural pipe fittings are:

  • Easy installation and reconfigurable design.
  • Since there are no permanent welds in the structure, the set screws of the fittings can simply be loosened, allowing them to be repositioned
  • The project can be disassembled and stored if needed, or even taken apart with fittings and pipe recycled into a new project.
  • There is no welding, threading, or special permits required when you use EnduRail modular handrail system.
Slip on Pipe Fitting
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To start any handrail project just plan for pipe, fittings, and simple tools. Mark chalk line and base flange positions. Drill anchor hole and start installation by cutting pipes of the required size.

  • EnduRail Handrail advantage for large projects
  • Just plan for Pipe and Fittings
  • No specialized Labor, Permits, or tools
  • No – Welding & Threading while installing.
  • A last-minute change in configuration/location – easy to implement.
  • Quick dismantling while an ongoing project
  • Easy Assembly & Reusability
  • Nicer aesthetic look
  • Widely used in a water-rich environment without the risk of corrosion
  • Can use prefinished powder-coated pipe and fittings – No Painting After Installation for many years
  • Lowest life cycle cost-effective alternative to welded metal rail and brittle FRP railings.

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