FRP handrail

Case studies

Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) – Sewer Pit Line Pumping Station Railings

Problem: Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation were facing grave concern of periodically replacing GI Handrails at their STP’s at an interval of every 3 years due to corrosion.

AMC railing


  • They were looking at an alternative option for replacing the Handrails at their Pirana STP, Ahmedabad.
  • They had finalized FRP as the base material for Handrails in the year 2018 on one of their STP at Pirana, Ahmedabad and the same was executed by leading EPC contractor situated at Delhi.
  • In one Area, FRP rail was installed. Current condition photographs of FRP handrail is self-explanatory.
  • During our last visit when captioned photos are taken, current scenario of the FRP Handrails at Pirana, the service personnel are asked to ensure that they do not touch the handrails while walking in the STP premises.
FRP handrail
FRP handrail


  • After explaining the benefits of Aluminum for their highly corrosive environments of STP, Chief Engineer of Municipal Corporation did agree to try EnduRail as a pilot project for cross verifying the benefits. The trial for EnduRail was executed with a small quantity of 50 RMT in parallel with the FRP handrails.
  • Along side the FRP Handrails, the EnduRail has been standing strong and tall without a single maintenance till 2021 when this photos are taken.
  • Recently the AMC has issued a tender to replace all the existing handrails at the STP’s, across Ahmedabad with Endurail All alumium handrail.
  • The work has been awarded to leading corporation contractor and the same is being executed with ease and full swing at various STP’s in Ahmedabad.


Endurail is installed using industrial aluminum structural fitting. This Guardrail is structured based on slip-on rail fittings and extruded pipe without Aluminum welding on site. Aluminum pipe railing fittings is fixed with simple knurled point set screws on aluminum pipe to build simple to install aluminum pipe railing. Aluminum tubular structural fittings can form any type of railing configuration from straight rail, curved rail for clarifiers and stair rails for civil structures and Pre-Engineering Buildings. (PEB). Using aluminum structural fittings one can build safety solar rooftop railing & solar rooftop guardrail.