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Case studies

Solar Rooftop Guardrail – EnduRail

Application Need: Large warehouse at Jhajjar, Haryana. Its rooftop area is planned to use for solar power generation but due to sloping roof safety of installation team and utility maintenance staff was concern for the management.


  • Roof was designed without considering such application and safety requirements.
  • Management was looking into different options of harness to avoid fall protection from height, but they all were passive systems. The project team was looking for a system that does not require puncture in the roof to avoid water leakages from the roof in future and active fall protection at height.
  • Time was limited to install the prefabricated system and on-site work was required to be minimum.
  • Some active barricading was required for rooftop edge fall protection for the solar panel mounting contactor employee and maintenance staff working on the slopping roof.
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Solution offered:

  • The requirement for the rooftop handrails was for around 500 RMT on Standing Seam roof.
  • After understanding the issues of Maintenance in GI system, the customer opted for zero maintenance total aluminum Modular Solar rooftop handrail – EnduRail system after duly weighing the long-term commercial benefits.

Advantages realized

  • Static load was 50 % less compared to GI system on rooftop as being lightweight aluminum structure,the structural consultant has appreciated and preferred Aluminium Handrail -Endurail- solar rooftop guardrail
  • The system offered is designed to avoid puncture less installation on standing roofs with required load criteria.
  • All aluminium modular rooftop solar guardrail is installed on-site in no time – Speedy installation being one of the strengths of EnduRail Aluminum structural Fittings or Slip-On fittings, the complete 500 RMT of handrails was installed within 5 working days.