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Crossover Platform

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Crossover Platform

Crossover Platform


Crossover Platforms create a safe route over objects and obstructions on the rooftop or floors.

Utilizing EnduRail aluminum Structural fittings, Crossover platforms have been designed and built that are flexible, durable, and importantly robust, allowing customers the opportunity to eliminate the limitations of fabricated, off-the-shelf platforms.

Crossover Platform Benefit


  • Safe Access Custom-built solutions. Crossover platforms are tailored to meet the specific needs of your rooftop or tank farm area. They provide a safe route over pipework, HVAC, and other obstructions. Cross-over platforms are engineered to meet safety standards and are designed for maximum durability.
  • Traverse All Levels Every application area is different. Shape and surface transitions require a step-over system that securely handles changes in level and height. EnduStep Crossovers exceed the capabilities of other customized, fabricated, off-the-shelf platforms.
  • Modular Design
    Each stepover can be specifically designed to suit your needs. Modular structural designs are reliable and flexible and support your critical safety needs. Structures installation is simple, ensuring minimal on-site disruption and without welding.
Crossover Platform


  • Safe Passage Workers avoid trip hazards or larger obstacles when working at height or ground level. 
  • Easily ConfiguredCreate a custom approach for level or offset surfaces, ensuring safe access!
  • Modular & No WeldingMade from Aluminum slip-on tube fittings and standard aluminum pipes. It can be installed on-site without any welding..
  • Long LastingAll structural members and platforms are made of aluminum for long-lasting protection, corrosion resistance, and strength.
  • Slip ResistantSlip-resistance treads & platforms are safe in all weather conditions.


Technical services offered by the Chemey Group:
  • Design assistance is always free.We can help you design your railing. With a few measurements, sketches, and phone conversations, we can help you assemble the necessary list of parts for building an OSHA-compliant railing.
  • Site SurveyIf you would like our assistance with the specification of your railing project, our sales engineers are available to visit your installation site.
  • Turn-Key InstallationWe believe our railing is simple enough for any contractor to install. However, if you are looking to outsource your railing job, we offer complete installation packages.
Cross over


  • Conforms and exceeds relevant standards, including BS EN 14122-3


The standard width is 600 mm, and the Height is up to 3 meters, but our design team can provide custom width and height crossovers upon request.

A full set of step-by-step assembly instructions manual is part of the supply. If you require installation support our team can offer the same.

Crossovers can be designed with special support plates upon request. That plate is typically sufficient to protect the roof sheets. We always recommend consulting your roofing company for the point load capacity of the sheet/sheeting member before installing a crossover on the roof.

Yes. Let our team know the height of each side of the crossover and the length of the bridge required, and we will provide you with the perfect solution


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Key OSHA Standards for Work Platforms

Since January 2017 when OSHA completely rewrote the standard 1910 Subpart D: Walking Working Surfaces.

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EnduStep Cross Over
EnduStep Cross Over