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Modular Aluminum Handrails: High on Endurance, low in Cost of Ownership

Poor conditions of Handrails Discourage employees to use them as a regular Safety Practice & leads to fatal or serious injuries in case of accidents. The deprived condition of corroded / weak handrails put not only employees at risk but to organizations also. This hazards exacerbate  when Handrails are used on Large Water Retaining structures like Water Treatment Plants ( STP / ETP / DeSal ) or within Coastal Area environment or both.


Modular Aluminum Handrails


Conventional Handrail material of construction –MS/GI  Painted handrail tends to corrode fast in an industrial environment . Moreover, Continuous exposure to humidity in typical STP / WTP area & Coastal environment aggravate deteriorations. Expensive coatings can only protect steel from outside but not from inside corrosion. Such corrosion leads to frequent painting & periodic replacement, obviously at higher cost then initially installed. All such incremental cost put together, increases Cost of Ownership of conventional Handrails. Off let introduced Galvanized steel, Stainless Steel delayed such corrosion loss but not completely. FRP / GRP Handrails also faces some technical challenges due to inherent structural properties while SS 316 can derail your plant economics.


In such conditions, in terms of corrosion resistance ALUMINUM has performed exceedingly beyond expectations. Be it in coastal area, mild acid & base attacks in STP / WTP or industrial environment. The tough, self-healing natural layer of oxide protect Aluminum metal from such attacks. While versatile mechanical properties of Aluminum provide necessary strength to achieve as Load criteria and compliances laid down in OSHA 1910.23 / EN 14122-3/BS 4592 along with ASTM E 935 & E 985.


Looking to above facts , World renowned consultants like OTV SA, MWH -Stantec, Parsons, Hyder, Dorsch Group DC and Government bodies like KAHRAMAA & ASHGHAL (Qatar), MARAFIQ (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia), Haya Waters (Oman), Ministry of Housing (Bahrain) ADSSC (Abu Dhabi) PSA – Singapore,  prefers all aluminum & modular handrails fabricated using marine grade Aluminum pipes & Aluminum Structural fittings. (No Welding at Site). While Aluminum Provide long and maintenance free life of handrails, modularity provide ease of erection, dismantle & replace portion within no time & without Hot work application.


EnduRail® – Structural Fittings and Handrail System is proud to introduce Aluminum & Modular Handrail concept to India. Our in house end to end capability to design and manufacture EnduRail Structural Fittings with cutting edge casting & finishing facility successfully bring concept for Indian Users. Passionate believer of the ATMA NIRBHAR BHARAT philosophy – Team Chemey achieves International Quality parameters with local prices. We are proud to be supplier of EnduRail to above listed International clients and in India to Aditya Birla Group, Reliance Industries, TAFE, KWSSB, GWSSB,L&T (Oman), SMCC, Suzuki Motors, Owens  Corning, Reinhardt Teknik, BEL are few of regular customers.