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Roof Safety: Solar Rooftop Walkway | Chemey

Roof safety is a system of preventive and safety measures when performing work and repairs on rooftops. Roof safety should be practiced while on the job to avoid personal injuries and structural damage. Performing roof work exposes workers to risks such as falls, which are the leading cause of death in industry.

As rooftop solar installations grow, so grows the need to access the roof safely. Part of passive fall protection product for roof top safety is having a proper rooftop railing installed. On a metal roof there are other safety concerns also. The metal roof may not be designed for people to be walking on any part other than the seam or purlins.Additionally, the metal ribs/crestcan cause a significant trip hazard.

Railing with Walkway Standing seam Roof
Railing with Walkway Standing seam Roof

EnduPlank/EnduGrate rooftop walkway is a solar rooftop walkway solution that is primarily designed to attach to metal roofs. It connects to the standing seam or corrugated industrial troughed roof top using clamps and screws. These sections can easily be laid down to form a walkway around rooftop solar panel installations.

With a variety of mounting methods available, Endu Plank works on virtually any roof surface. Endu Grate can be installed on almost every profile of metal roof with our variety of mounting options.

Our rooftop walkway can be paired with an integrated railing and crossover work platform and stairs to completely protect your workers as they access your roof. Chemey’s Solar Rooftop Walkway System “EnduPlank” can be installed with OSHA compliant guardrail. That both together protects workers from slips as well as roof edges and other hazards.

The EnduPlank solar roof top walkway system is fully compatible with all horizontal lifeline systems to yield free standing walkways. Additionally, it is easy to cross Roof Skylight Safety Cover when it comes along the way and provide additional safety over that area.


  • Works on Industrial troughed profile and standing seam metal roofs
  • Provides a non-slip, level surface for workers to safely access rooftop equipment
  • Can be leveled to any flat or sloping roofs
  • Pair with OSHA compliant guardrail or lifeline for 360° protection on any roof
  • OSHA 1910.28(b)(13) Compliant
Fall Protection Products

Other Roofing Safety Tips:

  • Discuss common hazards & assess the condition of the work area. Confirm that proper permits have been secured, and encourage the team to verbalize the safety tips to follow
  • Work only during good weather conditions and avoid extreme heat/cold
  • Approach ladders should be stable and properly secured or tied off
  • Wear proper PPE
  • Carefully position ropes and extension cords used for maintenance tools & equipment so they’re not underfoot
  • Use rooftop guardrails whenever possible
  • Skylights should be covered &guarded appropriately
    Signage should be visible in your work area
  • Clean up the roof before and after work and make sure it is clear of dirt and debris

Installing permanent rooftop walkway is a wise choice when making your industry a better and safer place to work for your employees. If you are confused that which standard to follow and what walkway is safe to install on your rooftop, that makes your employees, workers, inspectors, and managers safe, get in touch with us for Endu Plank Solar Rooftop walkway inquiries.

Need help? We have a team of professionals that can help you sort through each of these questions to find the right solution for you.

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