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Safety Railing for Metal Roof

Safety Railing for Metal Roof

Safety Railing for Metal Roof

Safety Railing for Metal Roof


EnduRail metal rooftop edge protection railing keeps your team safe by creating a safe perimeter for maintenance or inspection of the roof and mounted machinery. EnduRail® rooftop guardrail offers a strategic integrated modular guardrail solution to meet your safety requirements with absolute confidence for industrial troughed and standing seam type roof systems. In addition, fitting this system is easy, considering no special tools, welding, bending, or threading are needed.

Standard Size:
  • AL 42-33 Series – for Medium & Light Duty Application
  • Post – 1.24” Pipe (32 NB Pipe)- 42.16 mm OD Pipe 
  • Rail – 1” Pipe (25 NB Pipe)- 33.4 mm OD Pipe
Safety Railing for Metal Roof


  • Durable and Long Lasting
    Structural fittings and pipes are made of marine-grade aluminum or GI powdercoated, so every connection remains solid and lasts for decades without any corrosion.
  • Fast Installation
    There are no special tools or labor needed to install Endurail® railings. All components are secured with just a hex knurl point set screw without welding.
  • Modular & Aesthetic AppealCurved posts require no slope correction without compromising aesthetics and safety. The solar rooftop aluminum pipe railing system can be easily installed with a hex key and pipe cutters. There is no need to weld, thread, or drill, saving time and money.
Safety Railing for Metal Roof


  • Quickly and Easy Install The slip-on components come together quickly and are firmly locked in place with knurl point hex set screws. It means you don’t require any specialized labor or tools. There is no need to weld, thread, or drill, saving time and money.
  • Long-lastingAvailable in aluminum or galvanized steel for long-lasting protection, corrosion resistance, and strength.
  • Suitable for any metal roofsEnduRail Solar rooftop railing has been designed for a wide range of metal profiles and standing seam roofs.
  • Passive Fall ProtectionThe Endurail metal roof guardrail is a passive collective fall protection system that safety consultants prefer.

Design and Installation Services

  • We offer full design and installation services that include a complete on-site survey. We also produce comprehensive CAD drawings to help you visualize the result. With our detailed project outline, your roof contractor can easily install it and you can be confident that your project complies with all safety concerns and requirements of standards are addressed to your satisfaction.
  • Alternatively, you can specify and install EnduRail yourself with our easy-to-follow instructions – it all starts with a call to our knowledgeable staff!
Safety Railing for Metal Roof


  • National Building Code of India 2016
  • IS 4912 – Safety Requirements Floor and Wall Openings, and Toe Boards
  • OSHA 29 CFR 1910.29 – Guarding Floor and Wall Openings and Holes
  • EN ISO 14122-3 Permanent means of access to machinery (Part 3: Stairs, stepladders, and guard-rails)


Yes. EnduRail Roof Edge Fall Protection Railing System is a passive, collective fall protection system that safety consultants prefer. Lives have been lost in work-related falls resulting from workers not using harnesses properly. The Endurail system removes the potential of that risk.

Harness systems require training and proper and regular use. The embedded anchor for a harness system could later leak and cause costly water damage.

The Endurail system is not intended as an anchor and cannot be used as an anchor or tie-off point to support any workers or equipment suspended off the roof.

Considering the ongoing cost of training and system re-certification, the installed cost of an Endurail edge protection guardrail is competitive with horizontal lifeline systems.

Yes, a toe board can be fixed on the Endurail edge protection guardrail .


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42-33 Eco Series Endurail Installation Manual
42-33 Eco Series Endurail Installation Manual