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Self Closing Safety Gates

Self Closing Safety Gate

Self Closing Safety Gates

Self Closing Safety Gate


The easy-to-install and durable Self-Closing Safety Gates provide unparalleled passive fall protection for various industrial applications. These high-quality, easy-to-install, versatile designs keep workers safe in elevated areas and stairway openings.

Self Closing Safety Gate


Our Self-Closing Industrial Safety Gates are spring-loaded, so they will automatically close behind the user. Spring-loaded self-closing safety swing gates are considered the preferred solution to chains, bars, or sliding tubes when protecting these areas as they automatically close behind a person, overcoming the problem of human error and preventing falls from height.
Self Closing Safety Gate


  • Spring LoadedAll Self Closing Safety Swing Gates are spring-loaded, so they will automatically close behind the user.
  • Adjustable to the sizeThe standard size model is available up to a 1000 mm wide opening. It can be cut to the size of the opening, which is narrower.
  • Easy to InstallThey are quick and easy to install with a universal clamping system, which saves time and money. Accessories available to fix wide opening without stop post.
  • Finish OptionsAll safety gates are available in galvanized steel finish or yellow powder coated.
Yellow EnduGate


  • Yellow Safety Gate
    • GI mild steel construction with Powder Coated Safety Yellow
    • Gate arm easily cut to size the Gate on site
    • Accessories available to use Safety Gate without stop post for wide opening
    • MOC options – Aluminum and SS on demand
Model Yellow EnduGate
  • Adjustable Torsion Spring Gate 
    • An Adjustable Spring Torsion mechanism to control the return speed of the gate
    • Modular structure of round steel tube and aluminum EnduRail structural fittings
    • Pipe size options – 33 mm and 42 mm pipe OD
    • Height options – Standard 565 mm and 650 mm , can be customized
    • Double gate option available to accommodate wide opening to 1800 mm
EnduGate Aluminum Within Endurail
  • EnduRail Gate – Aluminum Modular Construction
    • Aluminum tubular construction
    • Structured by using EnduRail structural fittings and aluminum pipe
    • Anodizing or Powder Coated safety yellow option available
    • Designed to integrate with modular aluminum EnduRail handrail or guardrail


Technical services offered by the Chemey Group:
  • Design and InstallationWe offer full design and installation services that include a complete on-site survey. Also, we can produce comprehensive shop drawings to help you to incorporate in project drawings to visualize the result. With our detailed inputs , you can be confident that your project is professionally managed, and all safety concerns and standards are addressed to your satisfaction.
  • Alternatively, you can procure and install most of our safety systems yourself with our easy-to-follow instructions. Offsite support is always available and starts with a call to our knowledgeable sales support team!
New Safety Gate


  • Comply with Work at Height Regulations
  • Comply with EN14122-3:2016
  • Comply with OSHA Standards
  • 50000 operation cycle tested as per test requirements of EN13374


The most common application for EnduGate self-closing safety gates is fall protection on an elevated work platform with an unprotected opening, such as a ladderway or stair opening, there is moving machinery, or there is equipment with which falling materials could create a hazard.

EnduGate safety gates can provide additional safety solutions, including access control, machine guarding, pedestrian traffic management, and security.

Simply measure the rail-to-rail clear opening between your handrails or ladder posts and then find the corresponding safety gate model size. We offer three standard sizes for most safety gate models fitting clear openings from 450 mm to 1000 mm. You can send clear opening dimensions to our sales team to guide you for the required Model also.

Yes, all safety gate models can be mounted with a supplied U clamp up to 50 mm round or square railing post or to a wall opening. It can also be mounted on an angle or oversized structure with a special mounting bracket, but it is not part of the standard supply. Do contact our sales team for special mounting needs.

Yes. All EnduGate safety gate parts are available on request on a chargeable basis if it is out of warranty.

Yes. If your facility has an unusual opening that requires a special solution, the Chemey team can create a special customized gate to solve the problem.


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Adj Torsion Spring Safety Gate Installation
Adj Torsion Spring Safety Gate Installation
Safety Gate Installation Manual
Safety Gate Installation Manual
EnduGate – Self Closing Swing Gate
EnduGate – Self Closing Swing Gate