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Skylight Fall Protection Cover

Skylight Fall Protection Cover

Skylight Fall Protection Cover

Skylight Fall Protection Cover



EnduCover protects people from fall hazard through fragile roof lights. EnduCover Skylight safety Cover has been specifically designed to provide an effective solution for covering unprotected roof lights without blocking out the light they are supposed to let into a building.

The standing seam and corrugated skylight screens are available in various sizes and configurations to retrofit your metal roof. In addition, EnduCover skylight safety systems are tough and reliable, providing long term Skylight fall protection system.

Skylight Fall Protection Cover


  • Easily Installed  Each screen is modular and can usually be installed in as little as a matter of minutes. Speed on-site keeps costs down.
  • Durable Skylight Safety cover that clamps onto the Aluminum EnduRail® structural fittings and galvanized pipe frame structure with stainless steel fasteners.
  • Light Gets Through The mesh panels don’t block out light, meaning the building will stay illuminated.
Sky light Cover on Ind Troughed Roof


  • For use with standing seam / trapezoidal standing seam fiberglass skylights 
  • Easily installed without the use of special tools.
  • Screen constructed of heavy-duty welded wire mesh
  • Screen galvanized / powder coated
  • Modular structure of EnduRail structural fittings and pipes
  • Does not compromise the energy-saving benefits of skylights. 


Technical services offered by the Chemey Group:
  • Design assistance is always free.We can help you design your railing. With a few measurements, sketches, and phone conversations, we can help you assemble the necessary list of parts for building an OSHA-compliant railing.
  • Site SurveyIf you would like our assistance with the specification of your railing project, our sales engineers are available to visit your installation site.
  • Turn-Key InstallationWe believe our railing is simple enough for any contractor to install. However, if you are looking to outsource your railing job, we offer complete installation packages.
Sky light Cover on Ind Troughed Roof


  • EnduCover meets the new OSHA Code:
  • • 29 CFR 1926.501 (b) (4) and 29 CFR 1910.28 (b) (3) (i) 
  • • EN 1873:2014


Skylights are more hazardous because they are often in the walking path of the people on the rooftop. In addition, many skylights are fragile and cannot support the weight of a falling person. As a result, many fatalities happen when people fall through the roof, not necessarily over the edge. Hence it is advisable to protect every skylight of the industrial roof.

We offer skylight covers with standard widths of 1000 and 1200 mm with required lengths. On metal roofs, however, custom widths can be ordered

The wire screens inside of a skylight are commonly used for providing strength to transparent sheets and not to protect the impact of a fall.

EnduCover offers Modular system .The screen in the Skylight Safety cover, which clamps onto the EnduRail® modular frame structure and rests on the roof covering for corrugated/standing seam fiberglass skylights. It is easy to install on-site as the system is supplied in knockdown condition.


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EnduCover – Roof Skylight Safety Cover
EnduCover – Roof Skylight Safety Cover