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Rooftop Walkway

Rooftop Walkway

Rooftop Walkway

Rooftop Walkway
Benefit Rooftop Walkway


  • Compatibility
    Designed to work with all major roof types & integrates easily with either guardrails or lifeline systems.
  • Durability
    Lifespan in excess of 25 years.
  • Minimal componentry
    Quick and easy to install.
Rooftop Walkway


  • Corrosion resistant
    The Solar Roof Top walkway is manufactured from aluminum 13 mm grating and structural extrusion with stainless steel fixings and fasteners..
  • No Welding
    Made in standard modules. It can be installed on-site without any welding.
  • Roof Angles up to 25 degrees
    We offer slope correction brackets for walkway systems to adapt for roof angles from 0 to 25 degrees.


Technical services offered by the Chemey Group:

We offer full design and installation services that include a complete on-site survey. Also, we can produce comprehensive shop drawings to help you incorporate them into project drawings to visualize the result. With our detailed input, you can be confident that your project is professionally managed and that all safety concerns and standards are addressed to your satisfaction.

Alternatively, you can procure and install most of our safety systems yourself with our easy-to-follow instructions. Offsite support is always available and starts with a call to our knowledgeable sales support team!

Rooftop Walkway


  • The bespoke/prefabricated walkway Meets the standard
  • Prefabricated Accessory EN516 – Class 1-C
  • OSHA
  • Anti-slip walkway

    EnduPlank walkway has slip Resistant surface with good coefficient of friction


  • EnduPlank ENP 413 – 410 mm wide X 4500 mm long
  • EnduPlank ENP 613 – 610 mm wide x 4800 mm long
  • EnduPlank ENP 813 – 810 mm wide X 4500 mm Long 
Model Rooftop Walkway


Compared with FRP grating, aluminum grating is lightweight, has better corrosion resistance performance, and is non-sparking. It helps to provide safe, secure footing for many applications, ranging from trenches to decking. It can be easily cleaned and does not absorb bacteria-sustaining particles.

FRP grating becomes brittle due to long sunlight exposure on rooftop and are not suitable for impact load due to material characteristics.

The distance between points of the walkway supports the direction of the walk or bearing bars.

Yes EnduPlank solar rooftop walkway system can be designed with backup support to install railing as desired.


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EnduPlank – Walkway
EnduPlank – Walkway