EnduRail pipe and handrail fittings are structural pipe fittings made from high grade Aluminum Alloy to provide you with a   lightweight, corrosion resistant and strong alternative for fabrication of pipe structures. EnduRail pipe fittings are about half the weight of galvanized fittings and have a clean, modern look. These fittings can be used to build aluminum pipe railings and other pipe-based structures


EnduRailFittings are designed to be used with IPS pipe sizes. The correct pipe size details are shown in below chart.

*Subject to normal manufacturing tolerance
**Nominal Bore is an arbitrary dimension, because bore varies with pipe thickness


No Specialized Labor, Permits or Tools – Unlike a welded solution, our metal railing can be installed by just about any contractor or maintenance personnel. In addition to savings on specialized labor, our system saves you time, allowing you to quickly complete your hand railing installation.

Save on Maintenance Costs – Because our system is modular if a portion of the rail becomes damaged it can easily be replaced. Additionally, because our solution is not welded, the surface coting remains intact keeping the railing rust free for many years longer than welded rail.

Great for outdoor and industrial use – the strength of our handrail solutions are comparable to welded rail and are designed to exceed OSHA standards. EnduRail modular rail is a safe and affordable metal railing solution.

  • Design assistance is always free.
  • We can help you design your railing. With a few measurements, sketches, and phone conversations we can help you assemble the necessary list of parts for building an OSHA compliant railing.
  • Site Survey – If you would like our assistance with the specification of your railing project, our sales engineers are available to visit your installation site.
  • Turn Key Installation – We believe our railing is simple enough for any contractor to install. However, if you are looking to outsource your railing job, we offer complete installation packages.


EnduRail Pipe Fittings vs. Fabricated Welding

Comparison Chart

In this sections we will compare many different aspects of pipe railing installation and maintenance.


EnduRail RailingTraditional Welded Rail
Specialized LaborNo, Simple to InstallYes, Professional Labor Union Employee
TimeTypically it would take 2 people 8 hours to install 100 ft. of railing.Varies on availability and skill level.
Special PermitsNoneHot Permit Required
Safety FactorUse of simple tools such as drill, hammer, and allen wrenches.Welding creates a greater potential for bodily harm.


EnduRail RailingTraditional Welded Rail
BreakageThe systems modular components allow for the broken section to be replaced by loosening the surrounding fittings and replacing the broken fittings and pipe.A professional welder must replace the affected section
RustThe EnduRail system components are  anodized or Powder Coated to resist corrosion. EnduRails railing are known to last for 20 years without showing the least bit of rust.Because galvanization is removed during the installation processes, welded connections and ground fixings are known to show rust under a two year period.


EnduRail RailingTraditional Welded Rail
OSHAWhen installed properly railings built with our fittings exceed OSHA standards.Can be constructed to OSHA Specification

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