Why Aluminum tubular fittings offer the best solution for handrails?

Handrail and guardrail systems play a vital role in providing a safe barrier between people and hazards, so it’s essential that you can always guarantee the performance of the system and that its integrity is maintained many years after installation.  Fabricated handrails Many people believe that fabricated handrails offer greater strength and stability and are […]

Modular Aluminum Handrails: High on Endurance, low in Cost of Ownership

Poor conditions of Handrails Discourage employees to use them as a regular Safety Practice & leads to fatal or serious injuries in case of accidents. The deprived condition of corroded / weak handrails put not only employees at risk but to organizations also. This hazards exacerbate  when Handrails are used on Large Water Retaining structures […]

Inspect Your Railing for Rust to Ensure Proper Fall Protection

Metal and particularly MS Railing rusting is more than just a visual problem. Rust is the cancer of the MS metal world. It eats away at the material from the inside. Many railing manufacturers just paint the railings without galvanizing. The result is a product that rusts after a few years of use. Rusted railing […]