How to Make the Right Choice When Buying or Installing Guardrail?

industrial guardrails

What do you do when you need something? You Google it right! When you need a guardrail, selecting the suitable barrier requires more involvement than initially expected. It can be overwhelming with so many options. You find out that there are so many options available. GI, SS, FRP Aluminum, Welded, Non-penetrating, … The possibilities go […]

Modular Aluminum Handrails: High on Endurance, low in Cost of Ownership

Poor conditions of Handrails Discourage employees to use them as a regular Safety Practice & leads to fatal or serious injuries in case of accidents. The deprived condition of corroded / weak handrails put not only employees at risk but to organizations also. This hazards exacerbate  when Handrails are used on Large Water Retaining structures […]