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Safe Access to Rooftop Solar Installations-Rooftop Railing & Walkway

Product Safety Railing for Metal Roof
Rooftop Solar Installations are growing, so grows the need of people working on roof and their safety.

On a metal roof there are many safety concerns. The metal ribs of standing seam roof and Crest of troughed sheet can cause a significant trip hazard. Additionally, the metal roof may not be designed for people to be walking on any part other than the seam/purlin support.

These concerns of Rooftop are taken care by

  1. EnduRail®– modular lightweight but strong rooftop railing
  2. EnduPlank™k/EnduFloor™ – modular walkway solution

Both Systems are principally designed to attach to metal roofs. It connects to the standing seam or troughed roof top using clamps and screws. These sections can easily be installed to form Safe Guardrail andwalkway  around rooftop solar panel installations.

Find more about EnduRail® and EnduFloor around a roof top solar at

Solar Eco Handrail with Walkway Meeting Your Requirements for Roof Railing

When selecting a rooftop railing, you will be burdened with several non-negotiable requirements. Fortunately, EnduRail non-penetrating system for Standing Seam and Penetrating system for Industrial Troughed roof offers many features that covers all concerns.

Must Be OSHA Compliant

For a roof railing to be effective in preventing a fall, it must be able to resist the loads as laid out in OSHA 1910. OSHA requires that the top rail of the railing must be able to withstand90 kg of point load without failure.

EnduRail roof railing exceeds this requirement and has the testing documents to prove it. Always ask for the test documentation.

Needs To Navigate Around Obstacles

Most roofs were not designed with railing in mind. There are often obstacles on the rooftop that make the installation of railing difficult.

EnduRail uses modular fittings and standard pipe that make it easy to navigate obstacles that are located on the rooftop.

Aesthetics – Has to Look Good

Safety and aesthetics do not have to be mutually exclusive. EnduRail roof railing has plenty of features that make it a great looking solution.

  1. Anodized Fittings and Pipe
    • This means that the railing is less visible and blends in better with its surroundings
  2. Powder Coat Fittings and Anodized Pipe or  All  Powder Coating
    • The railing can also be powder coated so that it blends in perfectly with the aesthetics of the building.
  3. Continuous Throughout
    • EnduRail has a continuous railing. There are no breaks in the railing, making it look more pleasing and well-integrated into the building environment.

Quick Installation

A roof railing that can be installed efficiently is another must! EnduRail’s modular design makes assembly rapid without the use of welding or drilling. An Allen key, torque wrench, pipe vise and pipe cutter are all that is needed to install this roof railing.

Long Lasting

The EnduRail roof railing system is All aluminum. It is the ultimate solution even in corrosive or saline environment. EnduRail systems are built for long lasting durability. Whatever the issues are surrounding roof railing, EnduRail has the solution. The EnduRail railing system is the industry leading roof railing solution because it performs well in all circumstances.

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